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Andy has also written two novels.

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ALL FLOWERS DIE is a rock 'n' roll story set in Boston's music scene. In this story that the New Haven Advocate called "the literary equivalent to turning the amps up to eleven," Phiz plots out his life to become a famous musician. But his quest is much bigger than rock stardom. Phiz makes a sacrifice to inspire his best friend and fans ... and reconcile a secret that's haunted his life. Many of the bands and clubs appearing in ALL FLOWERS DIE are real ... and legends of Boston in the mid-80's. Check out this "powerfully successful work of fiction" -- The Daily Free Press.
DISAPPEARING INTO VIEW is the story of a man who makes a conscious decision to live homeless. Colin "Birdy" Franklin runs off to the street to escape a horrible past. He lives anonymously in Boston for ten years until one day his world shifts. In his struggle to survive, Birdy must confront not only a violent underground gang but also the past he though he had eluded. The Anchorage Daily News touted DISAPPEARING INTO VIEW a "modern Notes From The Underground" while The Mobile Register praised it as "eloquent ... echoes of Dickens."

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