"Tight hooks and descriptive lyrics...skillfully composed"

Power Popaholic


"...hooks and melodies that throw back when music was pure ... music that catches your ear and you don't want to let it go."

The Independent Music Scene


"Stone writes smart music ... and reaches a few great heights. There's a lot to like"

Bill's Music Forum


"We don't have the Beatles, but we have Andy Stone"

Adam Curry, original MTV VJ,
host of The Daily Source Code


"Lush, cleverly constructed... pop perfection."



"Infectious. Catchy melodies [that] will stick in your head"











Imagine a dinner party hosted by the Beatles, with a guest list that includes XTC, Squeeze, the Zombies and Kinks, Aimee Mann and Elvis Costello. That's a metaphoric taste of Andy Stone's music, or Litpop -- melodic, hook-driven songs with narrative lyrics.

Andy Stone writes and records Litpop.

Have a taste.